Because of Century Tool Company’s commitment to providing the highest standard of service and quality to its customers, it has gained the recognition as one of the top precision tool shops in the industry.

Century Tool Company proudly offers the following machinery for your manufacturing needs.


Century Tool Company's milling department consists of 24 Vertical milling machines. It includes:

2 Hurco 2018, VM1 Vertical Machining Center. 16x14x24 capacity
2 Feeler 2015, High speed VMC 20x16x26 capacity
1 Quaser 2013, High speed VMC 24x24x42 capacity
2 Prototrak 2010, SM, 3 axis, CNC controlled Bridgeport
2 Prototrak 2010, SM, CNC controlled Bridgeport
6 Prototrak 2000, MX2E, CNC controlled Bridgeports
6 Prototrak 2000, A.G.E. 2 CNC controlled Bridgeports
1 Prototrak 2005, MX3, 3 axis CNC controlled Bridgeport

2 Southwest Industries 2020, TRAK/DPM 5 with RMX control
1 Southwest Industries 2019, TRAK/DPM 2 with SMX Control


The EDM cell is in an enclosed and climate controlled environment. All machines are laser calibrated yearly. It includes:

1 Fanuc 2000 Robocut Alpha OB, automatic wire fed, 4 axis Wire EDM 6 x 9 x 13
1 Fanuc 2000 Robocut Alpha OC, automatic wire fed, 4 axis Wire EDM 6 x 9 x 13
1 Fanuc 2020 Robcout C-600ia, automatic wire fed, 4 axis wire EDM, 10 x 13 x 18
1 Fanuc 2013 Robocut Alpha 0E automatic wire fed, 4 axis wire EDM 10 x 13 x 18 (2012)
All machines are equipped with Herman Schmidt tooling.
1 Eltee

Sinker Edm


The grinding cell consists of cylindrical and surface grinders. It includes:

7 Harig 2000, Super 612 wet grinders with 6 x 12 inch chucks
2 Jones & Shipman 1990, Model 540 wet grinders with 6 x 18 inch tables
1 Okamoto 2010,3 axis autofeed wet grinder with 6 x 18 table
1 Okamoto 2010, ACC-12-24DX Autofeed wet grinder with 12 x 24 table
1 Jones & Shipman Model 1300 ID/OD grinder with 13 x 27 inch capacity
1 Myford OD grinder with 3 x 9 inch capacity
1 Newbould 2015, Indexer 1/5 hp variable speed motor, T.I.R. less than .00005
Each grinder is supplied with toolroom grade surface plates that are relapped every two years


1 Bridgeport 2002, EZ Path CNC Lathe Capacity 17" swing x 40" Travel
1 Yama-Seiki 2017, 30HP 12 station turning center
2 Leblond Regal 15 x 60 inch capacity with digital readouts
2 Hardinge Super Precision tool room lathes with ACCU-RITE III digital readouts
1 Haas

2012, CNC 4th axis rotary head.


1 Moore 1980, #2 Jig Grinder with Sony .00002 Digital Readout
1 Moore 1985, #3 Jig Grinder with Sony .00002 Digital Readout



PC FAPT Cut Cad-Cam System, 2021- DXF Format

Autodesk Feature Cam Version 2022 (upgraded yearly)

Solidworks 2015


Century Tool Company's inspection department is enclosed and is a climate controlled environment. Measuring equipment is calibrated yearly. It includes:

Starret 18 inch Master Height Gage
Brown & Sharpe Microval 454 manual CMM with PC monitor and printer w/ Reflex Software
Micro Vu Digital, power fed optical comparator
Fowler 24 inch electronic height gage
(2)Fowler Hi Cal 12 inch electronic height gage
3 Mititoyo 12 inch Height master height gage
Deltronic Inspection pins, .0025mm graduations, inch and metric
Fowler Master inspection blocks (replaced annually)
Meyer Master inspection plus minus pins from .01-1.00
Starret & Mititoyo Dial bore and IntraMics ranging from 3mm to 5 inches
2 Starret 18 inch by 24 inch pink toolroom grade surface plate (relapped every two years)
Doall 24 inch by 30 inch inspection grade surface plate (relapped every two years)
Wilson Hardness tester, Model 3JRU
Mahr Federal Digital RA surface gage.
Technical Consultants Gillette certified GD&T inspectors


2 Sunnen Precision Honing machines with 1/8 to 2 inch capacity mandrells
Servo Sensitive drilling machine model # 7000
DoAll 36" contourmatic with auto feed vertical saw
Grob Brothers 24" type NSIO Vertical Saw

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